Outbound FTP getting killed by pfSense due to FTP server banner size - RESOLVED

  • I have an account on a work FTP server for transferring files around.  Recently, we changed the banner message to match our standard for all servers.  It's larger.  Since that change, I can no longer FTP to my account from home, through my pfSense firewall (1.2-BETA-1).  As a test, we temporarily made the message much smaller, and FTP worked.  Is there somewhere I can configure the FTP proxy to allow larger banner sizes?  It's not an issue of fragmentation, either, as the packet size is only 507 bytes, much smaller than the MTU size.

    UPDATE:  it turns out it was the total LINE length that pfSense didn't like.  I changed our banner statement so that each line ended with a CR rathan than it being one long line.  Not only does this look better on the client end, but it also fixed this issue.