• I want to make a hotspot function in pfsense, now I'm using the hotspot function from RouterOS, but I want to copy it's functions into pfsense
    one of the things I couldn't get to work is the as they call it "one-to-one" nat.
    What it does is capture every package (by poisening the arp) so that every pc behind the hotspot gets access nomather what it's ip settings are.
    for example, the LAN from the hotspot is in subnet
    A pc with a fixed ip ( wants to connect, and every package send to it's gateway (for example will be captured.
    p.s. when you look at the arp table you'll see the gateway ip of the client ( with the mac of the hotspot

    Does anybody know how this can be done?
    I've tried some 1:1 nat and proxy arp, but I haven't been able to get it to work…