Methode pour installer pfsense avec une clé USB

  • Salut à vous les débutants comme moi!!!!!

    Tools needed:
    1. pfSense's image file (pfSense-memstick.ima)
    2. Win32 Image Writer for creating a bootable live usb
    3. MobaLiveCD for testing purposes only.

    1. Insert the flash media
    2. Run and start Win32 Image Writer
    3. Select the file (pfSense-memstick,ima) and target device (flash drive).
    4. Click the "Write" button and wait until it's finish.
    5. For testing, open and run MobaLiveCD
    6. Select "Start directly from a bootable USB drive"
    7. Select the USB drive you want to boot from
    8. MobaLive will create a hard disk image for the virtual machine, Just select Yes and choose the path to save.
    9. It's now running and testing.


    télécharger ce fichier  :Version 0.6 binaries

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