Customizing status_captiveportal.php

  • I am using this captive portal for public wifi access, which would require accepting terms of agreement, name and company name.  No authentication back end.  The form is simple enough to create.

    I would like to see two additional columns on the status page, hostname and company name.  I managed to get the name (ie John Smith) to show in the status page using the auth_user text field from this post.

    From what I can gather, the status page is fetching the values from /var/db/captiveportal.db

    Where is the mechanism that writes to that?  I am thinking I need to shove the hostname and company name (from form field) in the db so that I can display it on the status page.  I presume the best place to find the hostname is in the DHCP log.

    Any pointers are greatly appreciate. TIA

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