2 portals?

  • Is there any way to have two captive portals on one box?

    We have students that we want to force to our virtual desktop infrastructure.

    And we have guests that we want to have access to the internet only.



  • In pfSense 2.1 (still in development) it is possible to have multiple captive portal "zones".

    If your students access via one interface and your guests via another interface then you could create two zones, containing one interface per zone.

    Quite a number of people are seriously using pfSense 2.1 snapshot builds. The snapshot builds don't yet start captive portal on startup but one of the pfSense developers has said that should get some attention next week.

  • can zones have specific users though?

    Using ports does not help as the user could use a device on either subnet.



  • @twinturbo:

    can zones have specific users though?

    For local users, no. For RADIUS, you could set a certain attribute like maybe NAS IP differently on each and have your RADIUS server handle that accordingly.

  • Yeah just had a very quick play.

    What a shame it can't have user groups.. :(


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