Lab Site-to-Site VPN tunnel up; hosts cant ping each another

  • Here's the symptoms.

    def: Server side means the openVPN server clients & router / client means the openvpn client side connecting to openvpn server

    • Tunnel is online and up - connects ok. OpenVPN preshared key setup.
    • Remote & local networks defined in client/server settings.
    • Firewall allow rules in place for openvpn tab and lan tab
    • Server side: can ping the remote router lan ip, tunnel ips, cant ping anything past remote client side
    • Client side: can't ping anything

    What am I missing??

    I've attached screen shots of both client/server configs here:

  • This is fixed with help form PiBa-NL in IRC.

    Strange route was on the client in remote network causing all sorts of trouble. Cleared the route and things started working again.

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