Any captive portal use in Windows?

  • I am the newbie, i am using AD in managemnt.
    I need to setup a hotspot, so  i want to link the captive portal and authenticate using AD.  So i need a windows version captive portal???? am i right?

  • Haven't messed with this in a long time, but what you need to do is setup IAS (it was IAS on 2003, may have changed on 2008) to serve your AD as RADIUS, then configure the portal to auth via RADIUS. That's all I remember, but search around and you can probably find better details.

  • You can authenticate the CP users agains a RADIUS server. You can use freeradius to connect it to your AD or you chose Windows RADIUS server.

    And - if I remember correct - you can authenticate the CP against the pfsense "local user database" which can be connected to your AD. But I am not 100% sure if this is correct. When you use pfsense you can go to SYSTEM –> User manager --> Server and check the opions there.

    I know there are some threads covering this topic. probably best would be to search for "captiveportal" and "active directory".

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