Snom Phone and OpenVPN

  • Hi Everybody,

    After beating my head on this for like a week and searching for everything possible I need to ask for help.

    I have successfully connected a remote Snom 821 to my work pfsense openvpn server but I cannot access the phone's webpage from the LAN behind the pfsense box.

    Remote LAN:
    Local LAN:
    VPN Pool:
    Snom phone Virtual Address:

    Shouldn't the LAN be able to access the phone on the virtual address pool? What am I doing wrong?

    I don't really know what to post here to help troubleshoot, so please let me know what other info is required.


  • I have a similar config except my snom is on a remote vlan and not on the remote lan.
    To get to it, I needed to add an Client Specific override with "iroute" where the net is the remote phone vlan. Not sure of the specifics for your case.

  • Where did you add this override? On Pfsense or in the vpn.cnf file?

  • pfsense -> vpn -> openvpn -> ClientSO

  • Ah, I see.

    But where do I put that line? I'm thinking I need a bit more in depth explanation.  Can you please post a screenshot of your override?


  • Paste it into the 'Advanced' section at the bottom of the Client Specific Overrides.

  • Thanks for the help, but this doesn't seem to be working.  I can't register the phone on the PBX because it can't access the Local Network behind pfsense.

    Can anybody else please help me out?

  • Okay, I have this working now.

    I put the```
    push "iroute"

    Ini order to register the phone I had to manually provision the phone. It will not auto-provision, I assume because pfsense doesn't pass the option 66 for TFTP to the Virtual Lan clients? Either that or OpenVPN doesn't support passing said option?
    Thanks for the help thermo!

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