Error URL in alias

  • Recentely i have update Pfsense 1.2 to 2.0.1, i want setup a url as alias  (eg., when i try to setup it, pfsense display error "The following input errors were detected: You must provide a valid URL. Could not fetch usable data.
    It is a bug?

  • Rebel Alliance

    You should use "Host(s)" not "URL"

  • Thanks for reply.
    What's URL and URL Table? how and when to use them?

  • What the description is:
    Enter as many URLs as you wish. After saving pfSense will download the URL and import the items into the alias. Use only with small sets of IP addresses (less than 3000).

    Enter a single URL containing a large number of IPs and/or Subnets. After saving pfSense will download the URL and create a table file containing these addresses. This will work with large numbers of addresses (30,000+) or small numbers.

    Basically its to define aliases outside of the pfSense and import them.

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