Please advise on how to change default port 8000 to port 80

  • We have Captive Portal at a hotel,but the problem is sometimes port 8000 is blocked by guest firewall and they unable even to get to the authentication page.

    I was looking all over but couldn't find a solution.

    I tried to replace all instances of 8000 to 80 in the following files but ended up with redirect loop.


    I'm more than sure it is doable but have no idea how.

    Please help.


  • That's an interesting feature request, but it's definitely not as simple as a s/8000/80/ search-and-replace.

    It has been over a year since I last looked carefully into the CP code, but here is the gist:
    When used with SSL, pfSense's CP uses two ports: 8000 (http to facilitate the 302 redirect from http -> https) and 8001 (https for the authentication form where the user inputs his username/password or his voucher code). So if you're going to try to accommodate guests whose system's firewall has a very restrictive egress filtering policy, you'll probably have to use 80 and 443 respectively.

    IMHO pfSense's CP needs some developer time to get up to speed with other CP implementations, and to deal with the quirks of modern platforms (e.g. Mac OSX 10.7.x clients will try to contact OCSP URLs of your captive portal's SSL cert).

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