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  • Where to send in errata for pfSense: The Definitive Guide?

    Figures 6.5, 6.6 and 6.7 are missing and Figure 8.5 is incomplete, besides the text there does not state if the OPT1 interface should be a physical one or virtual one and if virtual, there is no how to to set it.

  • What exactly are you looking at? The print copy is correct, as is the PDF we provide to support customers. You have a pirate PDF?

  • Taken from copy bundled with your official partner device. All clickable links Contents Page. Not scans or OCRed images.

    Attached are snapshots of the pages. Please verify if there is a later edition. It has reference to pfSense 2.0 in some places like on Pages 6, 65, 77, 111 (twice), etc.,.

    Please post the relevant pages in your copy for comparision.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Which "Official Partner Device"? From  We just need to know the exact source so, if needed, we can get them a fixed copy.

    And re: Figure 8.5, what is shown is correct for that page on 1.2.x.

    We are currently writing a new copy of the book for pfSense 2.1, but it is nowhere near complete yet. We will make an announcement when it's closer to time for it to be ready.

  • It is most probably but since you have just a handful of official partners, you can check with them. It was a year or two ago. You will certainly have provided them new ones by now. Can you post the missing images here?

    What is the procedure to get write access into the wiki? There seems to be no register page on the wiki and the forum credentials are not valid in the wiki.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    We may have already provided the partners with a new copy of the PDF, but without knowing where you got it, we can't say for sure if they have a current copy. You can contact them yourself to obtain the latest copy if they allow it.

    The pictures and other book content are under copyright so we can't just post them in that way.

    You can send an e-mail to to get an account on the wiki if you like, we don't leave registration open because otherwise it gets overrun with spam.

  • @jimp: Thanks for the info. Hopefully I can put in my 2c on the wiki.

  • It's now 3 days since I emailed for a Wiki Account and have not heard as yet.

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