How to allow broadcast to 137-139

  • How to allow for broadcast vpn-users (pptp) on ports 137,138,139. At the moment, the traffic between the local network and the VPN is blocked: @ 1 block drop in log all label "Default deny rule".
    A little about the structure of the network:
    domain AD, PFSense2 with VPN service (PPTP), connect it to a remote computer (they wound up in a domain), but there are problems with the use of GP and connection to this PC. The problem exists on a remote PC, maybe, due to blockage of broadcast traffic on ports 137-139.
    How to solve the problem? How to allow the passage of PFsense broadcasts?

  • Broadcast traffic has no relevance to domain functionality. More likely you aren't assigning proper DNS servers that know about AD to the client. You can't pass broadcasts to a PPTP client, and you have no need to do so.

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