Reauthenticate connected users every minute – sql implications?

  • Hello all,

    I have "Reauthenticate connected users every minute" checked in my captive portal setup.  I do this so that when users' accounts expire they are kicked automatically.

    However, my sql database creates a new RadAcct entry for each of these reauthentications.  The obvious result is that if a user is logged on for say, an hour, I get sixty separate entries to deal with.  Here's an example:

    As you can see, the database is keeping track of what is a single session because the AcctSessionTime is accurately reflected.

    My question is, what sort of Accounting Updates should I be using to solve this little inconvenience?  I would prefer one RadAcct entry per session, while being able to retain the Reauthenticate every minute.

  • Try to play with "acct_unique" on freeradius2 settings if you use freeradius2 package.
    Try to use interim-updates