OpenVPN performance on DDWRT

  • Hi first post - so apologies for asking such a basic question.
    I am struggling to increase speed with a VPN connection using a DD WRT flashed router (Asus RT N16).
    From France to the UK.
    Local speed is 30 mbps, L2TP is best at 12-14mbps, Open VPN UDP can only make it to 7mbps.
    I know distances will drop the speed; but using speed test and chooing servers in the UK for the test I can see local speeds being kept.
    The L2TP connection, is OKish; but often opening pages "hang" a long time, and can be needing extra attention -as in reboots etc.

    So as OpenVPN is regarded as the more stable I am interested in using that, and this thread looks very interesting; but the settings you are talking about "net.inet.ip.fastforwarding = 1" where can I see this in the DD WRT GUI?
    I am using a HMA provided IP address(es).
    Again apologies for such basic stuff.
    Thanks in advance

  • I split this into its own topic. DDWRT has its own forum, I would recommend going there. The recommendations you see here are to some extent FreeBSD-specific, like the sysctl there doesn't exist in Linux. People on the DDWRT forum are more likely to be able to help with considerations with it. In general, from what I've seen working with DDWRT and similar distros on low end home grade router hardware in the past, you're lucky to get 7 Mbps of VPN traffic through them. They're not fast at processing VPN traffic. You might want to try some faster hardware and pfSense. :)

  • DD-WRT usually runs on weaker SOHO router hardware, hence the limitation comes from.

    My Asus WL-500GP running DD-WRT connected to pfSense via OpenVPN (UDP/TAP) maxes out bandwidth at about 5Mbit/sec, while the load on it goes over 1.
    The pfSense box on the other side having an Atom525 CPU has CPU usage between 0 and 1%…

  • Thanks for the feedback guys - I will try again with Open VPN as L2TP keeps dropping out

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