• I am completely new to pFsense, installed it yesterday for the first time.
    With my old router i was able to set port forwarding for Warcraft 3, and it worked like a charm.

    Ive tried to set NAT-settings for ports 6112-6119 and so on, to forward to 6112 to my local computer, but it does not matter what setting i use, i cant get it to work as it should.

    When i remove all the settings and rely on UPnP i can connect and play, but i cant create my own games(noone can join them).

    The same thing happend when i tried to NAT a port for torrent traffic(uTorrent), it works with UPnP, but not with NAT.

    I use: 1.2-BETA-1-TESTING-SNAPSHOT-07-01-2007, used an older version of 1.2beta1 yesterday with the same results.

    What differs on port forwarding in pFsense compared to other routers?

  • Search the forum for static-port or "static port".  Hint: it's a advanced outbound NAT feature.