Invalid Credentials Error When Typing In Access Code

  • I have an already created splash page. When you type in the access code on the portal page it says invalid credentials. When I test the code out in diagnostics>authentication the code tests out just fine and says "User: accesscode authenticated successfully." When on the actual portal page to put the code in, when you enter the code it give the error invalid credentials specified. Does anyone have any suggestions why I am getting this error since it tests out fine in the diagnostics>authentication section in the PFSense? What might I need to do to get the access code to work on the portal page to get users to connect? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  • Perhaps Diagnostics -> Authentication has an authentication database selected that is not the one enabled in Captive Portal.

  • Local user manager/ vouchers is selected. It then is supposed to pull from the user manager where the access code is created and saved.

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