Problems by connecting as road warrior

  • I have the following short network configuration.




    I would rather like to connect to the https-service (linux) provided by the OPT1-server, but I am currently testing to connect the LAN-interface and ping the other client from outside. I have tried out many configurations and the ovpn connection is established each time, but I just can't ping the client (it can be pinged from home).

    Furthermore, I followed (somehow) the HOWTO from pfsense-ovpn.pdf and the section "Setting up OpenVPN for road warriors (= remote clients)". The only thing I've not followed exactly is the part with the certificates because there is now a webconfigurator in pfsense and can done from there.

    I am using an mobile stick to connect from outside. Just the same behavior. I have made a few sample screenshots of my opvn-server and firewall configuration.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • I assume that your DSL-Router is already port-forwarding 1194 to your WAN port (since you are able to connect from outside).
    It looks like you just need to push the route in the advanced OpenVPN server section:

    push "route"

    That will tell the client that the OpenVPN link is the route to
    The way you have done it, you were telling the OpenVPN server that is at the client end - back-to-front.

  • it works now! thx!

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