Captive portal has some issues

  • Finally I have to disable captive portal as captive portal definitely have some issues. I tried all possible ways but did not work I guess it might be a bug in pfsense. Some people are not able to see login page and others are not redirected to after authentication page. However CP works for some people just fine.
    Any how is there a way to get a specific Home or landing page once the guest login - without having this captive portal enabled?

  • Captive portal doesn't have any issues. Troubleshooting why certain clients wouldn't work would find a cause, maybe using wrong DNS, or otherwise broken network config, or trying to browse to HTTPS sites which don't get redirected. There isn't any way to redirect users without captive portal.

  • Thanks for your reply- how do I fix DNS or any network configuration. If you like I can give you remote access with password to the router and you can take a look and let me know if any configuration is wrong.

  • I would say you find a common basis for all clients which use CP.

    Make sure the network settings of a working client are the same as the settings of a "broken" client
    Use the same browser or change the browser if it is not working
    Try the same destination URL and try different URLs to find differences between the URL.

    If you have one client which gets the CP page, gets correctly redirected after authentication - compare this client with clients which are not working.

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