FTP redirect to SFTP

  • Is it possible to have a client type in ftp.website.com or ftp://ftp.website.com (preferably both) and it redirect them automatically to sftp://ftp.website.com? This could be coming from WAN or LAN.

    I have setup a server to chroot/jail users to a /var/jail environment. This allows secure FTP only and uses OpenSSH as an underlying protocol. The FTP service doesn't even run after running this setup. This means attempting to go to ftp://ftp.website.com simply fails. The SSH subsystem (sftp internal-sftp) takes the lead and authenticates users appropriately.

    Everything works 100% for SFTP things. I just want to ensure that users are able to successfully get to the FTP site no matter what way they try to connect.

  • Impossible. It's not like a HTTP to HTTPS forced redirect where you can tell the browser to go to the secure site, FTP has no such mechanism for redirection.

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