PfSense as OpenVPN Client

  • Hi …

    I want to configure pfSense as an OpenVPN Client which connects to my vserver. (to get an static ip via the Second ip of the vserver)

    I've created an VPN Client, the Tunnel is ip and working, via iptables on the vserver i can reach my homesystem  ( the Story goes on, in my pfsense-box i do a NAT to my Mail/fileserver)

    Now i want to Route all smtp Traffic from my Mail/fileserver through the Tunnel to have a Rdns entry for sending Mail directly.

    So i Take a Look around the Forum and created an Interface linked to ovpnc1, the gateway entry is created automatically, after restart of the openvpn i can Ping everything through the Tunnel Interface.

    But i cannot select the openvpn gateway in the rules Tab of the Firewall.
    And i cannot access the System with the static ip which was working before the VPN Interface was created.

    I'm Running the current Beta of pfsense.

    Maybe any one can assist me via teamviewer or can give me some instructions ?

    Many thanks, Regards,


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