CPU Usage 100% - vmware

  • I have 2 2.0-RC1 (i386) vms running on VMware ESXI 4.1.0 (260247)

    In the last couple of weeks one of the vms has been running at 100% CPU usage all of a sudden.  Top -SH doesn't show where the usage is coming from.  System is using 70% of CPU.  See attached jpg.

    This vm has 2 Flexible NICs  le0 and le1.

    Any ideas on how to track down what is using the CPU?

  • Switch your NICs to e1000, that will significantly improve performance and lower CPU utilization. My guess is you're pushing significantly more traffic than you previously did.

    You should also upgrade to a supported release.

  • Thanks, I'll switch them over to e1000 and see if that makes any difference.

    We are running RC 1 because in the final release the Captive Portal service has a bug where is doesn't accurately track mb usage via Radius.  That is what we use pfsense for to track user's internet usage for billing.

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