Captive portal File manager files size limit

  • Hi,

    perahps this question was already asked, but after some search on pfSense forums I couldn't find any relevant topic.

    My question is very basic: I would like to run pfSense Captive portal on an Intel D2500CCE Mini-ITX Motherboard with dual Core Atom D2500. I would like to be able to upload some larger multimedia files, such as few videos etc. I don't have huge requirements for space, but since I have a 4 GB CF card, I thought it would be nice if I could serve these files to Captive portal from the same machine. But when I try to ulpoad files using File manager, it states that size limit of uploaded files is only 1.00 MB. I also wonder why this size limit at all? Wouldn't be nice if one could for instance mount a disk (e. g. another CF card or USB drive etc.) with files to serve to Captive index.html? Excuse my ignorance, if such feature would perhaps pose some security or other issues, since I'm new to pfSense.

    Is there any other way that you recommend for serving larger multimedia files to Captive portal page from the same machine where pfSense is running? I know I could run another server to serve these static contents, but this would be an overkill for me.

    I appreciate any advice, best regards,


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