• I'm very new to pfSense and would appreciate some assistance.

    Scenario: I have a single internal host (tape library) that needs to be accessed from two physically separate outside networks. I have 3 NIC's on the box, LAN, WAN, OPT1. I've configured PAT on WAN to internal host connected to LAN on port 23 to test with Telnet - this works fine. I then configure the same PAT (& firewall) rules on OPT1 to the internal host on port 23.

    Connectivity from the WAN to internal host work perfectly. But, connectivity from OPT1 to the internal host does not.

    1. Can I have 2 outside interfaces on pfSense?
    2. Is my logic in the scenario above correct?
    3. Can I configure PAT on two interfaces pointing to the same internal host and port (23)?
    4. Is there another way of getting this to work?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.