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    I am using PFsence 2.0.1 version, and I have some questions regarding using PFSence on a routed network, I cannot get the captivate portal to display when I am using a diffrent gateway than the PFSence installations itself.

    My network is this, 5 networks with 5 gw.
    The first, where PFSence is installed, zero issues, the application works, captivate portal works, everything works as configured.
    The Second network, will not redirect the captivate portal and we figured out to be the Captivate portal and in the catagory of error 2454, we found a solution and now the captivate portal displayes itself, not from redirecting, but from typing the correct URL.
    The 3,4,5 Network will work as the second network.

    The error 2454 was for PFSence 2.1 so it gave us a hint on what to look for, we found a solution that were for 2.0.1.

    We figured it out to be a missing ARP entry, we corrected this by correcting DNS for network 2.

    My Question is.
    Does PFSence 2.0.1 support this type of routed network?
    What is the recommended pfsence configuration for a routed network, I want network 2,3,4,5 to work as network 1?

    Some suggestions
    The Internal DHCP Server should support multiple GW.
    Support for more DNS Server

  • I cannot imagine your network topology. Can you put a network map here ?

    In general CaptivePortal is working like this:

    /–--LAN 1----
    WAN --- pfsense -|----LAN 2----
                            ----LAN 3----

    Cou can now activate CP on all threee LAN interfaces.
    You must make sure that all the clients on LAN1 have as Gateway and DNS.
    You must make sure that all the clients on LAN2 have as Gateway and DNS.
    You must make sure that all the clients on LAN3 have as Gateway and DNS.

    When user wants to authenticate on CP he must use a http website to make the CP login page appear. If a user isn't authenticated and he tries to browse to httpS:// then the CP will not be displayed.

  • Hey
    Happy new year.

    My network map looks like this - this is a 3-legged network.
    3 Physical networks.

    1x LAN - 1 Network - this is used for Radius login, captivate is not active on this interface.
    1x WAN - 1 Network - this is the Internet connection, captivate is not active on this interface.
    1x OPT1 - 5 Networks - this is where the captivate portal is active and where the issue is located.

    Is such a setup supported on PFSence?

  • Yes, it is.

  • @Nachtfalke:

    Yes, it is.

    Could you point me to, what a solution might be?  :)

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