Pfsense blocking vSphere console

  • Hey,

    I have pfsense installed on my esxi machine as a virtual machine.  When i try to open the console of a virtual machine it gives me an error Unable to connect to MKS: connection terminated by server.  When i turn the pfsense box off i can open the console again.  Is there a rule or something i need for vsphere?  I have opened 443, 902 TCP/UDP, and 903 TCP.

  • Where is the vsphere client running, in a VM behind the firewall, or out on the physical network? Not typical to have your ESX management IP behind a virtual firewall, unless it's a completely self-contained virtual environment.

  • Hey cmb,

    I have esx management IP behind the pfsense virtual firewall.  But it was doing this before when i had the management on a public IP as well.

  • If you're blocking anything, you'll see it in the firewall log.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    I run pfsense on my esxi (vsphere) host.  You must have your VMs on a different segment that is routed through pfsense?  If you think it could filter the traffic?

    In my setup pfsense wan is connected to public via physical nic connected to cable modem that is connected to vswitch that pfsense has its wan interface connected to.

    Now its lan interface is connected to different vswitch that different physical nic is connected to that is tied to my local lan network.  All other VMS, also have their virtual nics connected to the lan vswitch.  All machines physical an virtual have IPs in

    So from physical machine talking to VM on – pfsense has NOTHING to do with this conversation and would not be able to filter this conversation.

    Now the management of the esxi host it also on network on .40 -- it is a different port group on the same vswitch and yes they share the physical nic on the host that connects to my physical network.  But there is no possible way for pfsense to filter any traffic between my physical network and any vms on that same vswitch or the vmkernel port group.

    If you say when you turn pfsense off you can get there - this clearly means your not doing routing between segments with pfsense.  So the only thing I could think of that could come in play is that your pfsense lan IP is conflicting with what your trying to connect to.

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