How can i have the CP login page on port 80

  • I moved the web admin GUI to port 8080 via https.  I would like the CP default page to show when the users open their browser and try to navigate anywhere.  So that anyone even people who have never used a captive portal can get a page with instructions about how to get a login.

    Can this be done?


  • if you enable the cp then when they go to a page outside youre lan then they get the page you have load to the cp

  • I get nothing when i try to navigate to any page outside the LAN.  The only way I get the CP default page is to type in the IP address of the OPT-WIFI interface on which the CP resides.

    I have an access-point plugged into an OPT interface.  Could this have something to do with why the CP default page is not coming up?

  • if it is a accesspoint and not a wirelesrouter then it must not be a problem

    a wireless clients on youre opt interface that use pfsense as there default gateway must get the portal
    if port 80 and 8000 and 8001 are not blocked

  • oops it is really a nat firewall from netgear.  Not a pure access point.  I suppose this must be causing my issues?

  • dit you connect pfsense to a lan port of the netgear?