Captive portal - Individual registration and splash page per customer

  • Hi,

    Im in the process of reviewing many captive portal solution and have tried PFsense but wanted see whether anyone has used it's captive portal in it in the following manner, or can help me with some customisation work based on the following requirements.

    I'm looking for a scalable captive portal solution to provide the following functionality.

    • Support multiple customers. Each customer may have one or 100 hotspot locations. Each customer must have individual registration page and branded welcome page. It would also be nice to have location base service for each individual hotspot (registration page, different welcome page for venue promotions etc)

    • User registration must to be a branded page and must capture the following information, including MAC address and venue location (AP name

    Post code
    House number
    Mobile Phone (to be used for portal login)
    Email address
    Gender (M/F)

    • Once registered users must validate the account via SMS code, or something similar. Must be a quick process

    • MAC Authentication - Once a user has registered and account validated they will automatically be authenticated via MAC address captured during registration

    • Returning users will automatically be MAC authenticated - No username/password required

    • Registered user can have fixed number of devices per account, eg 8 devices
      Any new devices connected to the wifi will receive the registration page however the user can select "I already have an account" and the user can login using their mobile phone number and password and register the device against the account. It would be nice to name each register device on the account eg. Ipad, Mobile phone1, Android phone etc..

    • User Portal - users must be able to access their registration details and devices via a web portal e.g.

    • Customer Portal - Customers must be able to access a customer portal to view venue reports eg. Number of overall registration, or per venue, number of sessions, report by gender, top 20 sites visited etc (maybe option to use google analytics here)

    If the above customisation is possible with PFsense can you contact me directly please? I'm very keen to find a workable solution as quickly as possible.

  • Hi there

    did you ever get a response about this?

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