• Is it me or is Radius not working at all in Pfsense 2.02? Before when I used it, I would get the error telling me that the user has no pages assigned to him (I'm paraphrasing), the work around was to create a local user with the same name as your Radius account user and assign the user pages and you are good to go. Seems like double work since I was trying to avoid having to make a user on my Pfsense box if I already have the user built in Active Directory, but that is the only known work around at the moment. Fast forward to 2.02 and I was checking to see if this issue was fixed and it looks like the Pfsense box is not even attempting to connect to my radius server. I have triple checked my IP address to the radius server, made sure that the shared key is correct and check to make sure the server was selected under the settings tab under user manager. Checked the logs of my IAS server and there are no hits from Pfsense at all. Not sure if this is a known bug or not. I'm pretty sure this was working under 2.01. I have checked two boxes that I have upgraded and the behavior is the same. I know that the sever is working because I use to authenticate to all my Cisco and Ciena gear. Would really like to have this feature working. What are you guys seeing? By the way as a side  note  my VPN performance seems to have improved with this update. Not all of my packages reinstalled I wasn't running a lot anyway but IPSEC tunnels have faster transfers across them now.

  • Use LDAP for GUI auth to AD.

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