20 unit apartment configuration

  • I'm working on an install with a number of AP's in an apartment building serving 20 units. The goal is to supply "free" wifi to the tenants in as equitable a fashion as possible. Currently, I plan on using the Freeradius 2 package on pfSense to authenticate through enterprise WPA. There is a separate user assigned to each unit; when a tenant moves in/out there is another pre-configured user/password given to them by the management company. I anticipate storing the credentials in a cloud based spreadsheet for the management company to access when they turn a unit.

    I'd like to give the management company the ability to administer the radius users relatively easily. Any ideas? I know there are cloud hosted solutions out there and am open to suggestions. Obviously I could give the management company a VPN into the pfSense box (Alix) but they're not real tech savvy.

    Are there better ways to control apartment tenant access to wifi? There are lots of conversations about hotels, but not much about apartments where captive portals could get really annoying for tenants.

    TIA! pfSense rocks!

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