VSphere ESXi 5.1 InterVLAN Routing with pfsense help

  • VSphere ESXi 5.1 InterVLAN Routing with pfsense help
    Hi all,
    Any help with the following scenario would be greatly appreciated
    I have a VSphere ESXi 5.1 host with two physical nics and would like to install two operating systems which are on different subnets, but can communicate with each other and access the Internet.
    I have tried the following and been unable to achieve the above (am I completely going down the wrong route or am I missing something?). Forgot to mention this is for testing/lab purpose
    I have used physical adapter one ( and connected to vswitch0 which includes the management port group also.
    I have created two virtual machines and a port group for each vm (or subnet), = vm one (operating system one)
    Default g/w =
    VLAN = 2 = vm two (operating system two)
    Default g/w =
    VLAN =3

    Connected them to vswitch0 and also created a pfsense vm as virtual router = pfsense em0 for LAN interface = pfsense em0 for WAN interface

    I have configured pfsense to allow traffic between VLAN 2 and VLAN 3 but for some reason vm one is unable to ping vm two and vice versa.

    Has anyone set up the above scenario before / any guide or guides would be greatly appreciated.


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    You are using the same interface as LAN and WAN….

    I suspect an entirely wrong setup to be the cause....

  • Hi,

    Yes, using the same interface.

    Have you setup a similar lab in the past ?

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    You have to VLAN the interface in Vsphere and on the switch.

  • lan & wan can not have the same subnet without causing yourself a lot of trouble

  • Thanks for the feedback all.

    I looked over my setup in pfsense and managed to resolve the issue.

    Next problem…. how do I get PC's connected to different VLAN's to connect to the Internet ?

    All VLAN's are on one switch

    WAN interface is on another switch

    Both switches have physical NICs

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