Lldpd package - USD$100

  • BSD support was recently included in the quite well known[1] lldpd[2].

    This is a bounty for someone to package it up for pfsense, perhaps add some menu options (like which interfaces lldpd attaches itself too, attaching lldpd to net-snmp, lldp neighbor details, other controllable thingies etc) and include it in the packages repository

    [1] Its in debian, openwrt, and is used widely at a number of large companies i have worked for and currently do work for including on custom router/switch firmwares
    [2] https://github.com/vincentbernat/lldpd

  • Interesting, I've used it (for testing only) on some Ubuntu - works quite well and has more features than the LLDPD inside FreeBSD.
    Ah yes, it's BSD-licensed and thus more interesting to the BSD folks in general.

    I think first thing would be to have a port which then allows pfSense to make a PBI more or less automativally , the port could be
    first situated inside pfsense-tools but should be shipped upstream to FreeBSD ports where more people are likely to care about keeping
    the base software updated.

    Once this is done, making a pfSense package definition would be the second thing to do. :)

  • Its MIT licensed but interestingly was linux only until literally a week or so ago when bsd support was introduced. Packages in the various bsd ports systems will come along shortly no doubt.

  • Thanks, yes I've overlooked the license and only remembered MIT = BSD-friendly licensed ;)

    Let's see if I'm able to hack the openlldpd port to make it work for lldpd (which I guess will lead to naming issues as FreeBSD already has a small (openlldp-derived?) LLDP daemon.

  • MIT licenses are the same chain of thought as the BSD licenses.

    The lldpd i have mentioned is a very self contained piece of software so whipping up a port for it should be (afaik) easy enough.

  • Does openlldpd enough for this bounty?

  • sorry im after that specific software

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