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  • I'm probably posting this in the wrong spot, but Feedback seemed as good as any to post it.

    When the system initially start up (pfSense) on a new install or at the "Welcome to pfSense" text menu (running with a head on the box or shelling into the box), you see a list of the interfaces and their 'em'/interface numbers.  What I'd like to see at this point in addition to all this great information is the MAC address of the interface.  Also, when you go through the Assign Interfaces process, it only lists the interface name (em0,em1,etc…) not the MAC address.  I'd like to see it listed during this process too.

    The reason is because I added a NIC to my pfSense box and all the Interface assignments went wonky when the system rebooted.  I had a list of MAC addresses but had no idea which was em0 or em1 because I couldn't see the MAC address in the text menu or during assignment.  It added a little bit of time trying to figure out which NIC was which, but showing the MAC addresses would have made it a breeze.

    If I had access to the WebUI at the time it would have been a breeze because the MAC addresses are listed on the assignment page, however, the entire network was confused as was I, and it was frustrating and comical (I retain the right to laugh at myself at all times).

    If that can be worked into a release, maybe the next time I add a NIC I won't be throwing things around the room (as much).


  • I 2nd this request as it would be helpful for those who run pfsense virtualised with many interfaces, it can sometimes get confusing configuring these interfaces initially.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Not sure what you mean by them not showing the MAC during assignment…

    When I choose the assign interfaces option at the menu:

    Enter an option: 1
    Valid interfaces are:
    em0   08:00:27:cf:2b:25   (up) Intel(R) PRO/1000 Legacy Network Connection 1.0.4
    em1   08:00:27:f3:bc:84   (up) Intel(R) PRO/1000 Legacy Network Connection 1.0.4

    It shows the MAC right there. I know it also shows it when there is an interface mismatch at bootup. If you're on the console and that scrolls by too quickly, use scroll lock, then page up/down to look back in the buffer. Press scroll lock again to go back to the prompt.

    There's no room in the menu banner to show the MAC, it was enough fun trying to shoehorn an IPv6 IP into the list on 2.1, not sure how/where we'd put a MAC and keep the whole thing legible on a box with many interfaces.

  • Thanks Jim, I got confused between the 2 now you've pointed it out.

    I can see what you mean there would be no room for it under the menu banner.

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