High delay in ping to wan NIC

  • Hello guys, I need some urgent help with mp pfsense here;

    I have a simple pfsense configuration, consisting of:

    lan - my internal lan
    wan - this is an adsl modem

    only this two NICS and 2 interfaces, using NAT, a basic and simple configuration.

    I'm trying to block p2p traffic, so I'm using traffic shapper, but yesterday I discovered that, when TF is enabled, I ping to my modem IP and has a very big delay (200ms, 300ms, bigger); when TF is off, my ping to modem IP has no delay, 1ms…

    Why this happens?? I'm affraid this delay could be applied also to the internet packets, because I'm affraid I've experiencing a bit of delay in internet connections...

    can someone help?

    thanks a lot

  • If i remember correctly this topic ain't new, so try with a search

  • yepp on the trafic shaping section its told many times
    that imcp (ping) is set to a low priorty when you shape
    you can chanche that if you like

    butt ping is only for testing
    its not just for real world trafic
    so that is the resen for the low priorty