How to install man pages?

  • I have the exact same question as fluca1978 asked in a thread that is now closed:

    what is the recommended way to install man pages on pfsense?

    The answer by someone was to use the web man pages for freebsd, and while that is of course possible I believe that many unix users (like me) like to use the "man" command the old and proven way… A web browser is not always present....

    So, any tips about how to install man pages into pfsense?

  • You'd have to copy over the man pages and other required files from a stock FreeBSD system. The recommended way is to not do so at all, easy enough to check them from elsewhere.

  • Ok, thanks for the answer. Having man pages locally is very useful for situations where you may not have your normal "infrastructure" up and running but do config from a terminal only. But, tastes differ, and it is of course easy enough for me to install them manually.

    Just curious about the reasoning here: is there a perceived security risk with including man pages, or is this done just to keep complexity down in general (which is a good thing, of course)?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Mostly to conserve space.

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