[SOLVED]Puzzel with routing

  • I have two VPN boxes. I want the client to access some internet sites through server.

    1. OpenVPN SERVER
    Advanced options: redirect-gateway def1
    Remote gateway:

    2. OpenVPN client
    Advnaced Options:


    Tunnel works like charm I can ping from PFSENSE server box, PC behind pfsense client. I am also able  to ping openvpn interface of the server from a pc behind the client

    From the CLIENT Pfsense box I can ping like charm, however from a PC behind the Pfsense client  is not possible to ping the site:


    Tracing route to ipchicken.com []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1     3 ms     4 ms     2 ms
     2   131 ms   131 ms   134 ms
     3     *


    I am routed correctly through VPN but the server for some reason does not route correctly the PCs from the client.

    Any idea what it can be ?



  • Just to make it clearer: is ipchicken.com and I a try to access it from a PC behing the pfsense client openvpn.

    From the PFSENSE client itself, all works like charm, just not from the pcs behing it, but I think the problem is with the server openvpn, as teh client routes pcs correclty through the tunnel when they try to access ipchicken.com

  • I solved it.

    Anyone running into this problem:

    On SERVEER PFSENSE you new to enable advanced routing(AON).
    On that screen once you activate you will see rules. Copy the rule for open vpn, and replace it wil the IP range of PCs behind the Pfsense  client.
    Unline DD-WRT, pfsense does not do NAT on OpenVPN which is great :-)

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