OpenVPN tap bridge works with 1st site, not 2nd.

  • I have a server and a client site bridged and it works great.

    I went to add a 2nd client site to the same server and cant get it to work. I made a new server entry (with a new shared key), used a different port and used a new tunnel network, and the reset of the settings I cloned exactly.  A new open vpn interface was created called OPT2.  For testing I have any/any/any rules on all interfaces on all sites.  Ive tried making both 1 and 2 separate bridges [LAN + OPT1 + OP2] vs [LAN + OPT1] + [LAN + OPT2] (under interfaces, assign, bridges) but I dont think thats where the problem is.

    I noticed that once openvpn is setup and the OPT1 interface is created, some sort of virtual MAC is created…

    This is whats really throwing me off - on the server, OPT2 has all 0's for a MAC and a subnet of  I have gone over everything many times and I cant see anything I missed with setting up client 2 the same as client1.  Why could there be this discrepancy between OPT1 and OPT2 on the server?

  • Check the OpenVPN logs. There must be some error overthere.
    Put "verb=10" in extra config, to see more info in the logs.

  • Site to site VPNs should never be bridged, that's a bad network design that's begging for problems. Not related to the problem, but I'd stop trying to fix something that shouldn't be done, and put a proper routed setup in place.

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