Forward to External Address

  • Hi, I am running Pfsense on a VPS and I am trying to set it up to relay incoming mail to my smtp server.

    Incoming connections to VPS on Port 25  -across internet–-> Home Pfsense on port 12345 to smtp server behind pfsense on port 25.

    The issues I am having is getting the Pfsense on the VPS to forward the smtp traffic to my home pfsense box over the internet.  I would rather not get into the whole VPN tunnel stuff but if there is no other way.

    Right now I am just using socat to forward all port 25 traffic to another IP but on my mail server it looks like all the traffic is coming from my VPS IP and the spam blocking based on blacklisted IP's doesn't work very well.

  • If you are natting over the internet, nat will change source ip to your VPS ip and antispam rules based on source ip will not work.

    Did you tried postfix package? it can do a really good job on spam blocking and then forward to your internal server.

  • I wondered about this. Can we not just create a rule on the firewall to say to go to 32.678.23.12 (another Pfsense firewall) Also like pushing the incoming traffic to another destination?

    FAKE IPs addresses BTW

  • I ended up just using rinetd to setup the forwards from my VPS to my mail server.

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