GUI Login / password window

  • Hi everyone,

    when i connect to the pfsense, you have a window (logon), in the box you see a little dot " . ", is it possible to add a text like " unauthorized access " or any text you wanted ???  and adding the ip address from the remote user (your ip is:x.x.x.x)

    check the image (sorry it's in french)

    it's the first time i used this firewall and i'm very happy, now i convert the old one by this software  :D

    a very good software

    Thank you for your answer.


  • No, we do not wish to do this.

  • The next release will get rid of that logon screen entirely anyway.

  • Hi sullrich,

    Thank you for your fast answer, it's ok for me, i can live with that  ;)

    i continue my new setup, only 4 days i try this software

    have a nice day,