VPN connecting, but all ports filtered

  • Hi, I am trying to set up a Road Warrior type VPN for our users to be able to use our Solidworks/ePDM server from the internet.  I have tried Ipsec, OpenVPN, and PPTP and they all give similar results (right now I'm using PPTP for testing, I know it's insecure).  I can connect to the VPN OK and I get an IP address… and I can ping computers in the Remote LAN.  But when I try to nmap anything in the Remote LAN, everything shows as filtered.  This is for any computer in the Remote LAN, everything shows filtered, not just the Solidworks/ePDM server.  As far as I can tell, the nmap test packets are never making it to the endpoint.  There is no firewall on the Solidworks server.

    Also strange is that they don't show up as blocked on pfsense... and while I can see some traffic coming from my local machine, the nmap test packets are not showing up in the packet capture.  Of course, I have a rule allowing everything on the PPTP firewall tab.  I would appreciate any advice on troubleshooting this.  Thanks!

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