Cannot connect to remote Cisco VPN from behind pfsense firewall

  • Hi

    Am running a machine behind the pfsense firewall.  Need to connect to a remote client Cisco/IPSec VPN, but am having some trouble doing it.  The client reports that it establishes a TCP connection to the remote server, but then freezes on

    Contacting the security gateway at

    It eventually fails, saying

    Secure VPN Connection terminated locally by the client
    Reason 412: the remote peer is no longer responding

    I don't have any software firewall running, and I've set a rule on our LAN interface to allow all traffic from my host.  Any ideas?  The client thinks its a firewall issue on my side.

    thanks for any help

  • Nevermind – found out that it was actually a problem using a virtualized client machine.  A physical device worked OK.