Cannot hit gateway from virtual machine

  • Hello

    I've got a virtual machine running that pulls a DHCP lease successfully from pfsense.  It includes the correct DNS, gateway, IP, and subnet mask.  However, from this point, the virtual machine cannot ping the gateway.  All other physical machines can ping it.

    My virtual machine is using VMWare bridged networking.  Is there a setting in pfsense that would prohibit the virtual machine from accessing the gateway?  I have verified that the virtual machine's IP and MAC are in the ARP tables as expected.


  • Eh, found that having "Static-only ARP entries" enabled caused this.  Even when it's off, it appears to be working sporadically (e.g. pinging the gateway will illicit responses from both the host machine and the gateway).  This is probably an issue with VMWare fusion, not pfsense.