Pfsense in a Linux Masquerade Network.

  • Hi.

    I have a issue with a client network, they setup their network using masquerade with linux, hope I'm using the right words.

    He has other network working without a issue, but they are linux, them want to join pfsense-network to this network?

    pfsense 192.168.1.x
      This box have behind 2 networks:
      He use a VPN server at

    Pfsense <–> Linux-VPN-Server <-->Linux-fw-router <-->192.168.16.x
      We want to reach 192.168.16.x.

    Pfsense config:
      DNS: google dns's

    Here u can see is using private address for the wan.

    It works, ciients behind pfsense can navigate.

    Now, once we establish the vpn, I can see how pfsense have the routes to reach 192.168.17.x,192.168.16.x.

    But none of the machines that are behind pfsense can reach any computer to the network 192.168.16.x, just pfsense box can do this.
      He has other branch with a linux box 192.168.80.x that can communicate with the network 192.168.16.x.

    I had use push and that came of stuff but is not working.

    Exist a way to fix this, this is new for me, would like to understand how to fix this, any input will be appreciated, thanks!!!

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