Issue with accessing a server share from openvpn to the opt2 network

  • I have a quad nic with wan, lan, opt1 & opt1 configured.  I can connect fine using openvpn with full pass tunneling while browsing the web offsite. I want to access a server on my opt2 192.168.20.* network.  I created a new server cert and walked through the openvpn wizard to allow access from the opt2 openvpn network of 192.168.40.* to the local network of 192.168.20.*.  I can connect fine, but can't ping the .20 shared server or connect to it.  I read online about adding a push route in the advanced options, but that didn't work either.  any help is appreciated.

    Addditionally, I noticed when you enable full tunneling, the option for adding a local route disappears when adding/editing a new vpn server.  Can you do full tunneling and push routes to another interface?

    I read in the forums about making sure you are using pki instead of shared key, but I can't locate where that is referring to, as it appears the walkthrough is for an older version?


    I think it ended up being a Windows Firewall issue.  I could connect fine with RDP, but not file sharing, even though it was allowed in the firewall for private and public networks.


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