• i was trying tro post in the other thread here but it is locked … :-\

    i'd like to get all wireless users to authenticate through cp before thay gain access to lan (or wan).
    right now i have wireless interface bridged to lan and it gets ips from dhcp on pfsense box (same subnet as my lan).
    please let me know if it is doable or how else can i setup my wireless people so they can get access to lan or wan through pfsense.

  • You can't do CP on a bridged interface.

  • so there is no hope?
    is there any way i can make wireless people to authenticate through cp and have access to my lan and wan?

  • Routing ;)

    Just stick them on their own subnet.

  • can somebody point me to a nice (step by step  ::)) instruction out there on how to setup cp?