Openvpn and few subnets

  • Hi guys
    It's  a shame that my first post is to ask about help but i'm so desperate that i'm even happy to paypal you some beer money just to help me get it working.

    On the picture below you have my current setup ( except that i dont have LAN3 yet until i get my stuff working).
    So far i have lan1 and lan2 only; both of them have internet connection so that's a plus.
    I have setup openvpn server (vpn1 on the picture), fully working, tested from windows client and it does what it supposed to do. When i'm connected from my computer i see that my ip changes and all the traffic is routed via it.

    I have setup vpnclient on pfsense. It does connect and that's great but this is where the problems start:

    • when i have "redirect-gateway def1" then lan1 and lan2 will have no internet
    • without "redirect-gateway def1" both lans have internet but lan2 is not routing via VPN

    Because my pfsense is on my ESX host as well as my both networks, i gave pfsense 3 network card. one for wan, one for lan1 and one for lan2.
    Lan2's gateway is pointing at the VPN gateway but even if that, i get no luck.

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