OpenVPN server listening on 1194 - my connections is not on 1194

  • Something odd that I just noticed today, this is happening both on my personal pfSense installation at home and my work pfSense installation. I have OpenVPN server setup on both, with both listening on port 1194. At the moment I only have 1 account setup at home (will work that when I have a few free minutes), but I have about 20 accounts setup at work for the OpenVPN server. All these accounts do connect to  1194, but mine. Right now I'm connected to my home installation and the OpenVPN server is showing that I'm connected on port 29868. I noticed the same thing at home. I've checked my .ovpn config and that shows 1194. I have to be missing something here. The firewall shows 1194 on both. This has left me scratching my head a bit. Thank you in advance!

  • there is a difference between source-ports & destination-ports

    Source port (16 bits) – identifies the sending port
    Destination port (16 bits) – identifies the receiving port

    the source port is generated "randomly", meaning anything that is not in use and generally >10000 (i'm sure this is not completely accurate)
    –-> <– here you will find the exact info

    if the source port & destination port would be the same, you could never have multiple connections to the same service.
    for example, you could never browse to 2 websites at a time.

  • HA! I feel dumb now :) Thank you for the quick response, and for the link!

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