OpenVPn no longer working, maybe config damaged

  • I have two pfSense boxes in cluster. Since i suffered a power outage , everything apart from openvpn works fine … (maybe it's unrelated but it's quite a coincidence).
    I have two openvpn servers, both services are running , files are there.

    From the lan i can ping both servers, listening at x.y.16.1 and x.y.17.1, but can't establish an openvpn connection.
    How could i "debug" this ?

  • check logs firewall & openvpn
    should be something there that is related

  • OpenVPn logs are blanks except for service start logs.
    Do i have to set a nat rule to redirect udp trafic to the openvpn server (which is pfsense) ?

  • no

    you only have to create a pass-rule on your WAN-ip for the port the openvpn-server is using

  • I have a rule which allows UDP traffic on ports 1194/1195 (my 2 openvpn instances) on my wan interface.
    I have lan rules which allow the two networks provided by openvpn to clients to pass, and i have a set of openvpn rules (i made a few rules to filter traffic on one openvpn instance to restrict access just for this one, worked perfectly).

    Is the fact that i have a cluster could create an issue ? I "inherited" this pfsense cluster, i feed him well to be sure he's healthy and i avoid to damage it …

  • It looks like my cluster configuration is somehow "crippled", the openvpn problem i have must be a collateral damage.
    I'll update as soon as i'll have resolved.