Setup remote access: remote host not accessible

  • Hi,
    my colleague is pulling out her hair. I took a look into her openVPN configuration. It looks reasonable.

    She were trying to setup openVPN on remote pfsense so we can access remote hosts by using openVPN. Unfortunatelly we cannot access remote host (ping failed). So what could be wrong?

    This is our current setup:

    General information

    Disable this server: not ticked
    Server Mode: Remote Access (SSL/TLS + User Auth)
    Backend for authentication: Local Database
    Protocol: UDP
    Device Mode: tun
    Interface: WAN
    Local Port: 1194
    Description: vvVPN

    Cryptographic Settings

    I think the settings are fine here.

    Tunnel Settings

    Tunnel Network:
    Redirect Gateway: not ticked
    Local Network:
    Concurrent connections: 2
    Compression: ticked
    Type-of-Service: not ticked
    Inter-client communication: not ticked	
    Duplicate Connections: not ticked

    Client Settings

    Dynamic IP: ticked
    Address Pool: ticked
    DNS Default Domain: not ticked
    DNS Servers: not ticked
    NTP Servers: not ticked
    NetBIOS Options: not ticked

    Advanced configuration

    Advanced: [empty]

    We tried to ping remote host but it failed.

    There are a firewall rule for openVPN in tab "openVPN" (created by openVPN Wizard) which allows everythin from everywhere to everywhere.

    So, what could be wrong?

    cu Floh

  • Couple things:

    • In the Cryptographic Settings section, make sure you have a Peer Certificate Revocation List listed

    • If the remote host has a software firewall enabled, make sure it is configured to respond to icmp

    • What is the IP of the machine you are coming from?  Make sure it's not on the network

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