Very slow OpenVPN through put

  • I have OpenVPN runningas a Bridge/Tap on a supermicro D525 board. I have FIOS 65 Down 35 Up but I can't seem to get more then 500kbs while connected outside of the house? Any ideas my server is setup folllowing this guide Thanks

  • I wouldn't just start messing with that above URL before making some other checks first. What's the throughput outside the VPN? Try port forwarding to a web server and downloading a test file for instance. Are you using UDP and not TCP (UDP is faster, sometimes drastically so)?

  • I'm not completely sure how to test my through put. A few starting points if they help Speedtest has me at 85 down and 35 up consistant everytime but just down loading a 500MB file from my bitcasa share online comes in at 3.5-5 MBs so says download manager. I'm new to the networking stuff I like the idea of using my VPN to access my local network while at school but right now the through put is so slow.
    I'm using UDP that is what the guide said to set while setting up the server.
    Thanks for the help.

  • The school you are connecting out of will also need to let you have good bandwidth. If you download from the net via your OpenVPN connection at home, then download packets go first to the pfSense at your home, then bridged back out of your home across your OpenVPN tap to your client device at school. If the school internet is limiting your bandwidth, then you are stuck.
    Obviously also, because the download data is going both in and out of your home to get to you, it will be slower (certainly a max of less than 35Mbps download, since your OpenVPN from home can only pump a max of 35Mbps back up to the net across your OpenVPN) - but not as slow as 500kbps!
    Can you do any better by connecting from a friend's house that has similar internet bandwidth available?

  • I have tried it from my parents house which has 15/5 and it is still stupid slow. What I am really trying to get to run better is file transfers and such to and from my home to my tablet/laptop. I have centralized all of my files on a home server and I would like to connect to it and be able view, download, upload, stream and szuch while out but with the 550kbs it is not working. I'm not funnling all my internet traffic thru the VPN so it is just file transfers. If I can get this to work properly I want to setup a backup server at my parents and do the backups over the VPN. Thanks for the help