Trying to connect to Network Share fails - tap works/tun fails

  • Hi guys

    I am new to OpenVPN and pfSense, I am trying to use OpenVPN to access my home file server where I store important documents on a RAID array. Trying to accomplish this via OpenVPN. I am able to successfully connect to VPN using either TUN or TAP and I am able to ping my pfSense LAN interface (

    My home network is - Router
    Workstation IP is
    Server IP is

    While connected as TUN - I can ping but I cannot ping workstation ( I changed settings to TAP and ping and remote browse works. My Windows workstation is set to map //gserver (dns name for the file server) – however my PC seems to be using the ISP's DNS server as 1st preference instead of using OpenVPN DNS settings.

    Any help?

    1. How can I get my VPN tunnel to resolve DNS using my remote router at home? (where ARP should record NETBIOS names also)
    2. What am I doing wrong that I cannot browse my "Windows Network" and see my neighbors? can I do this with TUN or only with TAP?
    3. Why can't I ping my workstation using TUN?


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